Leveraging Curiousity as a Leader

One of the most valuable assets a leader can possess is curiosity.

Curiosity is one of the secret “power tools” I’ve used both in mentoring teammates scattered across the world when working for organizations, as well as in coaching conscious leaders. Not only does it help uncover some key insights, it also injects a subtle playfulness into your work relationships -which increases the comfort level among colleagues, across all levels.

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Getting Pushed Off the Fence

Ever been "on the fence" about a decision regarding a relationship or a job, or any other big life move?

Sometimes, if you take too long to choose a path, life might just push you off the fence, forcing you to take action. This post is about such a time in my life, when I was forced to venture into an uncertain future, how vulnerable I felt, and what has come out of my choice to live in the grey.

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