How To Take No Shit From Anyone

In my late teens and then again once in my early thirties, I found myself in relationships that weren’t right for me, with men who weren’t able to see me for who I am or to appreciate me.

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How To Be Less Busy

I recently gave a talk in front of a room full of founders on how to be a great leader. I shared four key concepts in the talk, but what the audience most resonated with was my advice to “be less busy.” I got questions and emails afterwards from folks wanting to know more about how to develop practices that would allow them to make this seemingly impossible task a reality.

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One Magic Question to Deflect Pushback

Have you ever proposed an idea, or made a case for something, only to have the other person respond with hesitation or a “No”, and no clear explanation for why? If you’re like most, your mind immediately gets VERY creative in making up reasons for why this person did not immediately go for it.

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Stop using the f word

How many of you have dreaded giving feedback to someone? If you’re like most, you find it nearly as uncomfortable to give feedback as it is to receive it. Which is why I’ve come to call feedback the “F” word when working with my clients.

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