Three ways to hack passion

Today we’ll be exploring one of my favorite subjects: Passion. Please share this with others who could benefit from it.

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How to make someone’s day (and contribute to them). In 2 minutes.

An avid Yogini, I go to 2-3 classes weekly and enjoy discovering new teachers’ styles and finding ways to push myself. After practice, students will often approach the instructor to say “That was awesome”, or “You’re an amazing teacher! Thanks so much”.

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How To Be Charming & Confident Without Pretending

Most of us experience times when we get anxious in social situations related to work. Carrying out poorly structured corporate performance evals, presenting in front of coworkers (or senior management you have little-to-no rapport with) or having to deliver bad news to your team are prime examples.

When we get nervous or fearful around others, the mini-panic we’re experiencing makes us increasingly self-centered.

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Practicing Self-care Amidst the Storm

As the events in Syria and Ukraine unfolded this summer, I got to thinking about how delicate it is for leaders to respond to others’ conflicts and emotional distress, while attempting to maintain their own balance. Not only because it must be hard to witness such turmoil around them – despite the trappings of whatever power they may have – but also because it seems that whatever they do will (almost always) be criticized. For President Obama, that meant being crucified for “going golfing” during his vacation as Putin rolled into Ukraine and an American journalist was beheaded in Syria. If we look closer, we can see much the same happening, albeit on a different scale in our own workplaces, creating negativity among employees and stress for the leaders.

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