Client Reviews

Sylvana’s coaching has been a game-changer for me and my cofounders. Before working with her, a fear of burnout was arising in us as we felt out of balance with the growing amount of responsibilities that come with a fast-scaling business. For me, coaching has been useful in two major ways: first, I work more effectively with the tools Sylvana’s given me. I’m accomplishing 10x more at Humble Sea and working less (not joking). And second, I’m uncovering the things I was unaware of—both in myself and my actions—and identifying the behaviors that are destructive to myself and the business, but are invisible to me. So with her coaching I can swiftly identify the problem, find the tool to fix it, then fix it. Tech is integrated into solutions we’re finding together, which is important to me. Sylvana is personable and always accessible. We feel like she truly cares, not only about our business, but also our success and happiness.
Frank Scott Krueger, Co-founder at Humble Sea, Santa Cruz CA
Sylvana coached me, a serial entrepreneur juggling a number of startups, on issues I was having in regards to reaching my goals. From time management to high performance, we worked on things I did not know were hindering my progression. She opened my eyes in many aspects; about my businesses, lifestyle & work performance... I highly recommend getting some sessions with Sylvana, if you feel like you need some clarity and direction to your work, and life in general.
Ibrahim B., Co-founder and CEO at KITCH, Saudi Arabia
While this is not my first experience with a coach, working with Sylvana has been my favorite, with what I believe has had the deepest clarity and impact on myself. I find Sylvana’s methodology constructive and her insightfulness often surprising. She has a knack for getting to the root of the issue, one that I have often overseen or camouflaged, and provides clear suggestions on how to prevail by focusing on items that are within our control.
Amanda, Developer/Architect, Los Angeles
Thank you for working with me, Sylvana. The strongest takeaway was about how my own internal language to myself can deeply affect people's perception of me! In our work I've realized that in trying to “protect” myself, I put up a barrier that has been counterproductive and detrimental in both my work and personal life… With this realization— that a barrier pushes away more than it protects, now I am eager to learn about how to be in a world connected to others. Thank you for pushing me on the hard stuff, and your patience with me when on the rough days.
E.S., Director of NYC startup
Sylvana has been an invaluable support through a challenging time in my life undergoing a career change with much uncertainty. With her, I can have extremely open communication about all facets of life. She does an amazing job of empowering me to be self-aware, and to really dig into what causes specific thoughts and how to take deliberate action to be happier. I am able to focus on those aspects of life that really impact my happiness, and I am much more confident in myself and career aspirations. Working with Sylvana has changed my life!
Brian A, Consultant, NYC
Before working with Sylvana, I couldn't understand how to motivate my team members, I was at a loss as to how to influence them and get them aligned to work towards common goals, and ultimately, benefit our business. Working with Sylvana, I've changed my way of thinking and acting... I'm able to balance a sense of urgency & commitment in a constructive spirit. I've learned to communicate effectively, devoting time to listen and ultimately helping them participate as active contributors in finding solutions.
José Q., Latin American Business Lead, Colombia
Sylvana is truly a gifted coach. She is a combination of modern day calm, cool, collected coach who really pushes you to get to know yourself at a deeper level. Sylvana will challenge you and bring you to a place to think ‘uncomfortable’ thoughts. An old Korean adage says that medicine that is good for you will be bitter in taste but sweet in results. Sylvana's gentle and effective coaching is the medicine that will deliver results for a modern day woman who wants it all!
R Kim, Esq., Attorney & business owner, Atlanta GA
I felt as if Sylvana were a part of my team and understood each issue that we discussed. I’m a better manager and better leader by figuring out my leadership style with Sylvana.
Blake M, Executive Vice-President, NC