Do you sometimes wonder if it’s possible to be successful in business, while staying happy, sane and in integrity? Do you feel “pretty good” about how you handle challenges, but every time they come up, you still silently deal with anxiety and stress? Would you like to learn effective ways to manage your internal psychology, so that you can lead & live from a place of confidence, clarity and grounded-ness? If this sounds like you, I can help.

Who I work with:

I coach audacious founders, executives and thought leaders in innovative industries - at companies like GE, IBM and some of the fastest growing startups in the US and Europe. My clients tend to be high-achieving, technical-minded folks looking to also succeed at navigating human relationships at work and in their personal lives. They want to go from being a “boss” to a leader that people want to follow. They’ve had unusual journeys and lives, with a history of trusting their gut and doing what others thought couldn’t be done. They’re travelers and risk-takers, irreverent, and most of them know they’re here for a purpose bigger than themselves. They’re not afraid to be honest about what’s not working in their lives, and they’re ready to do the work it takes to go from good to great.

How we work together:

We start with a Discovery Session at no cost, to see how I can help you and to determine whether we’re a good match. Then, based on your goals, we’ll decide to partner for a certain duration of time. We’ll have weekly or biweekly sessions over the phone or in person and you’ll have Jedi Mind-Work between those sessions (aka homework to get you building your new muscles). In our work together, we’ll challenge your assumptions, rewire your brain to think and feel differently so that you can take new, effective actions, and you’ll learn new tools for how to deal with challenges, so that you can do those processes by yourself for the rest of your life. It’s very likely that we’ll uncover something big that keeps getting in your way... and which no one has told you. We’ll confront it. Because that’s what it takes to live an extraordinary life and be an inspiring leader.

In our work together, you will:

I offer a Discovery Session at no cost for you to discover how I can support you as your Executive Coach.

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Sylvana’s coaching has been a game-changer for me and my cofounders. Before working with her, a fear of burnout was arising in us as we felt out of balance with the growing amount of responsibilities that come with a fast-scaling business. For me, coaching has been useful in two major ways: first, I work more effectively with the tools Sylvana’s given me. I’m accomplishing 10x more at Humble Sea and working less (not joking). And second, I’m uncovering the things I was unaware of—both in myself and my actions—and identifying the behaviors that are destructive to myself and the business, but are invisible to me. So with her coaching I can swiftly identify the problem, find the tool to fix it, then fix it. Sylvana is personable and always accessible. We feel like she truly cares, not only about our business, but also our success and happiness.
Frank K., Co-founder, Santa Cruz CA