Stop using the f word

How many of you have dreaded giving feedback to someone? If you’re like most, you find it nearly as uncomfortable to give feedback as it is to receive it. Which is why I’ve come to call feedback the “F” word when working with my clients. Yeah, you’ve heard that little voice that says:

“I don’t wanna do this. It’s awkwarrrrrrrd. Can't I just wait and see if things get better on their own?” (Hate to break it to you: things rarely do “get better on their own”, until you address them).

So, I’ve come up with my own list of tips for how to do give feedback gracefully, where it actually BUILDS UP relationships, mutual respect and trust. I packaged these into a quick how-to talk, which I was honored to give at the Business of Software conference in Dublin this Spring. I say “honored” because speakers at this event have included folks like Derek Sivers, Dan Pink and Seth Godin, all people I admire deeply. The best part was to connect with brilliant, innovative founders who were lovely, super interesting and... down-to-earth! It’s an event I’ll likely attend again.

Watch my talk on “The Art of Giving Feedback” and let me know one takeaway that you’re ready to try out.

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