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Meet Sylvana Rochet

This will be a conversation unlike any other.

I’m not your boss, your Board, or your best friend. I don’t recalculate your corporate commitment at each admission of unfulfillment. I don’t assign price tags to your job, your skills, or your relationships. I am not a passive pillow of reassurance.

But I am the support you’ve been looking for.

I opt for authenticity over complacency, integrity versus insecurity, strength rather than instability. I’m the bridge that connects vision with reality, working with you, not for you, to forge a multidimensional space for readiness, execution, and growth.

Building a thriving company demands passionate leadership and clarity of vision, especially in the face of uncertainty. From team management to conflict resolution and beyond, creative and empathic problem-solving is at the core of professional dynamics. Any transition from what was to what will be requires diverse support to confront moments of instability, fear, and discovery. Real progress harnesses the curiosities and imbalances of the unknown to create a space for collaboration, innovation, and success.

And I know exactly what that feels like.

Founder's Story

I grew up a traveler, defining and redefining my identity and ambitions as my family and I jumped from one corner of the globe to another. I didn’t realize it then but as a modern-day nomad I was polishing my process for transition, creating parameters for what my authentic self looked like and cultivating a landscape for soon-to-be-realized potential.

At 22 I was given a new department to create and launch at a major hospital. At 27 I worked with the European Commission to train high level executives on mediation and communication. In 2010 I took a mini sabbatical to study Yoga in India and negotiated with my employer so that my job would still be mine when I returned (how cool is that?!). Since 2003 I have coached executives, organizations, and individuals through periods of transition and transformation by challenging the status quo, asking tough questions, and illuminating purpose.

Why? Because I live to fire-up human potential.

I had a lot of questions when I started down this road, too, but my experiences have given me real world answers that I’m ready to share with you. There is no quick-fix, no one size fits all model for excellence, but with my personalized approach to professional achievement we’ll co-create solutions that leverage your skills for success.

Optimal performance is the convergence of strategy, expertise, partnership, and vision. Getting there hinges strongly on team-building, effective communication, and navigating change.

Finding the path starts with a conversation unlike any other.

Sylvana working with client


Based in Silicon Valley, consultant and coach Sylvana Rochet, MA guides individuals and organizations to cultivate sustainability and success in the face of transition using a versatile set of human-centered tools.

A summa cum laude graduate of New York University who was raised between France and Colombia, Sylvana has spent the past 17 years harnessing her unique global perspective to build teams, consult on management, and lead international projects. Trained by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, she takes a new approach to old problems, helping executives and social innovators develop and implement strategies for effective communication, resource optimization, and leveraging individual strengths and passions to create collective value.

Sylvana’s work has positively impacted leaders and organizations from Tunisia to North Carolina, with previous initiatives including leading the first smoke-free workplace project in North Africa with the American Cancer Society, independent consulting on change management with a renowned 70-year old NGO and its new CEO, high-level training for executives at the European Commission, and targeted development with a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Self-inquiry, curiosity, and discovery are at the heart of Sylvana’s work. With an innate sense of human dynamics, she continues to implement her expertise in collaborative workshops and one-one-one sessions, supporting clients in the co-creation of their ideal outcomes in business, management, leadership, and negotiation.

Sylvana lives near the ocean in Santa Cruz with her husband and daughter. She supports clients in the Bay Area, NYC, Paris, Bogotá... and wherever her services are needed in the world.